[Roll Call ]

Posted by lagooner on February 13, 2000 at 4:02:47 a.m.:

Im 24 have 2 boys ages 2 and 1. I've been hunting birds since I was 8. I hunt most things around except for bears. That includes moose,caribou,geese,ducks,rabbits,ptarmigan,oogruk,seal,walrus,swans,wolverine. I shoot a remington 870,rem. 308, rem. 22-250,and 22mag. I own a 18 ft.lund (aluminum). I really enjoy your guys carvings and photos.I am a carver myself I carve Ivory and wood. I have a lab/chesapeake female 8 months old. The birds left before I got her last fall. So she will be ready for this spring for brant and geese. I hunt the same area as Matt D.who is also on this list.