Kirk Sherbine

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Posted by Kirk Sherbine on February 13, 2000 at 3:05:57 p.m.:

I'm 29 years old with a wife and 2 boys. I've been hunting geese for 10 years and ducks for 5. While I hunt anything that is in season, waterfowling is my addiction. I'm also the DU High Point Chapter chairman.

Although not in a major flyway, our area is in a migration corridor between the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways. When there's rain or snow, the birds can't make it over the mountains and stay over on our lakes. This gives us a crack at birds including: bluebills, redheads, ringnecks, ruddies, canvasbacks, teal, old squaw, scoters, wigeon and even the occasional brant or snow goose. In addition, the local goose, mallard and wood duck population is pretty good too.

I currently hunt from either a v-bottom or a canoe, I plan to build either a scull boat or a sneak boat in the next year.