Ramsey Schrader

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Posted by Ramsey Schrader on February 14, 2000 at 5:14:48 p.m.:

I'm 24. I hunt ducks mostly in Delaware, from top to bottom. All 90 some miles of it. Love diver hunting. Cut my teeth on bufflehead in Rehoboth Bay. When I was 16 a friend and I had our first layout rig. A custom job made by a carver/painter from DE named Ned Mayne. I also love to hunt mallards, teal, and woodies in flooded grain/timber!! Nothing like it. I carve and Paint(oil on linen). Have entered a couple of Duck stamps. Didnt do so well, but.. I hunt with an A-5 that I lost for 3 1\2 months and got back(off the bottom of Little Assawoman bay). As for calls I have a haydel's cajun squealer, some kind of teal/pintail thing from wal-mart(awesome), A southern game calls Poison and Nasty talker(acrylic). I hunt over carry-lites. These are steadily being replaced with E. Allens and my hand made corks. I use Wiley cork exclusively. i've killed a handful of banded ducks. One bull can that was 9 yrs old!
Well thats me in a nutshell. Let em' in close!!