David Heiney

[Roll Call ]

Posted by David Heiney on February 27, 2000 at 6:38:03 p.m.:

I've been on the forum for several months, this roll call is long overdue.

I'm a 3rd generation, 41 year old waterfowler. I shot my first ducks (broadbill)
at age 8. I started making my own gunning birds at 14. My favorite poison's for
decoys are cork and cedar. I have competed (floating decoratives)at a few decoy
shows back in the 80's. I have started to get back into it and plan on entering shows
in the fall of 2000. I still attend many shows along the eastern seaboard.

I hunt along the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. I have several boats including
a BBSB, 12' Jon, 14'Starcraft Aluminum however I can often be found in a 1648 with a 40hp.
I'm going to be purchasing an 18' Lund in the late spring.

My guns of choice have always been Browning Automatics, however I have a 10 ga side by side
that for some reason I can't seem to miss with, I love shooting back-up with it when hunting
with my friends so it sees a lot of action. Also have a couple of other guns available for
situational hunts.

I am married with twin sons, age 11. They are both head over heels about waterfowling. I am currently
exposing them to the modern methods of waterfowling as they were taught to me by my dad.

My dad and I are avid collectors of Wildfowler Decoys, from Old Saybrook (Hint Hint) and can often
be found at various shows and auctions on the east coast.