Seth Freeman

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Seth Freeman on March 02, 2000 at 10:14:35 a.m.:

Well first off I'm a active duty Coast Guard surfman. I drive motor lifeboats for a living. I was raised on the oldest registered black angus ranch in the state of Oregon, Baker City to be exact. Growing up I never gave much thought to hunting- that was my fathers job. I was a member of the Ranger Rick club and other wildlife conservation groups because of my love for nature. We had all manner of game on the ranch from sage hens, to the mighty elk, and my father took me hunting all the time. It never bothered me he hunted we ate all he took and his good ethics I carry to this day. I got married soon after bootcamp to my high school sweetheart in 1989. We've been married for over ten years now and have three fine children to show for it.
After a tour of duty in the Great Lakes I finally came home to serve on my home coast. Soon after arriving back I started hunting myself carrying on after my father. Well late, late in the season of 1998-1999 I decided to try out some of my fathers old decoys to see if I could get a duck. Dad let me borrow his duck call and a 45rpm record of calling and I was off. I had been watching where the birds had been going the night before so I went out real early blew-up my spread (inflatables) and waited. I saw this pair of mallards way off in the distance going the other way and started calling and darned if they didn't turn on a dime and come whipping into my spread I was so amazed I never did hit'em. Well something changed in me and no longer was I a hunter I was a duck hunter. So one fantastic chessie, a new Super-X2, a old 10ft camo jon boat, lots of new decoys and I was set. With a new Brant II on the horizon and cedar chips all over the garage I think I'm on my way. Too bad I didn't start sooner.