Torrey Tyler

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Torrey Tyler on March 06, 2000 at 2:55:50 p.m.:

Thanks to my best friend, I have been a duck-hunting
addict for about 12 years now. I began duck hunting
on a local oxbow pond near the Willamette River (major
feature of western Oregon), but have since branched
out and hunted nearly everywhere in Oregon (a bit in
Washington too). Not sure if I have any favorite
hunts, but have done it all. I prefer to get away from
crowded areas (by Oregon standards). I use a river
drift boat with a 15 hp Johnson for getting around
on larger bodies of water (I also fish out here in OR).
I have recent purchased a pirogue from Bobcat Boats to
be used as a low profile marsh boat/sneak boat. New
lab puppy in a few weeks adds to my assortment of
hunting buddies!