Phillip Hight

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Posted by Phillip Hight on March 17, 2000 at 6:26:12 p.m.:

I thought I would update my info.
I'm from deep east Texas 18 miles from LA. about half way up the state between Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend Resevoirs for you bass fishermen the home of monster bass, these lakes have great numbers of ducks in the winter too I think half the Cavasbacks in the country must be on Toledo Bend in Jan.and Feb.
I'm 42 married and two kids left at home. My 14 year old twins (one girl one boy) love to hunt Samantha the girl loves to go as much as my lab.
And speaking of my lab he is the love of my life he's the best lab I ever had his name is crow because when he was little he hoped like a crow and still does.
I'm building a Fiberglass BB III and its looking good.