John Meeker

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Posted by John Meeker on April 01, 2000 at 12:16:08 p.m.:

In NW Ohio, near the Maumee River. Five year old Chessie, Coco, the marshgurl, and one year old Cullen, the far-seeing. Returning to hunting after some decades away from it. Enjoy the site, and am "reading up" on the various sections of it. Currently have a Herter designed marshskiff, I believe, made by some silo company. Am thinking of low outriggers with slatted decking to the watrer line, for more open water water stability. Sort of a pumpkin seed effect for a low profile -- sort of a sneakboat down the river. Not much else. Repair antique furniture for a living. Hunt up in some Michigan backwaters. Love marsh hunting, where I can get deep away from anything that looks manmade. Re-learning to shoot. Have a twelve double and a ten double, and load Bismuth. Like iron-tungsten real well. Like shooting flying drill bits! Use steel for close in stuff. Mostly will just listen and think for a while on this site. Lots of stuff I don't know, except I like hunting waterfowl with my dogs in a boat with a double bbl'd shotgun.