Bill McAdam

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Posted by Bill McAdam on April 06, 2000 at 7:57:15 a.m.:

This forum is an easy fit for me. I love duck hunting and have been at it for about 15 yrs, though I've gotten real enthusiastic in the last 4. For the last two years, I've managed to hunt over 8 states, primarily on the Mississippi flyway. Home is Huntsville, AL, which I share with a my wife of 14 years (I claim to be a poster child for happy marriage, and rightly so - she lets me go after all), a big yellow lab who'll pull your arm out of the socket if you try to stop her from going after a retrieve, and a 14 year old tabby cat who's never really adjusted to the dog. I've got too many boats (my wife's viewpoint) - 3 at last count. An antique mahogany runabout from 1956, a pirogue which I built myself, and a 15 johnboat outfitted for duck hunting (pics to follow, someday). I'm just getting into carving cork decoys, as I had my first opportunity to hunt ofer them this season, and fell in love.