Chad Niichel

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Chad Niichel on April 17, 2000 at 4:57:49 p.m.:

29, married, no kids (except my 2 yr. old lab),just moved to a suburb of Chicago because my wife needed to be here for the first year of her new job. Come August, we are outta here in a big way, WE HATE IT. We came out here from South Dakota where we went to college, and I grew up in Iowa. I am part owner of a bodybuilding supplement distributor in Texas and sell supplements via out of the house and also do a little personal training sometimes for a change of scenery.

I just bought my first duck boat two years ago, and only took it out a few times that first year. Then once we moved out here, it has sat for the last 6 months, little did I know how pathetic the hunting would be around here.

I have a old 16 ft. jon boat and trying to get it ready to roll for the upcoming season, wherever we may end up.

Been bow hunting for 13 years, pheasant hunting longer, and just started falling in love with duck hunting about 4 years ago. I am still learning about the sport, but there is no doubting my passion for it.