Jeffrey A. Van De Stroet

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Posted by Jeffrey A. Van De Stroet on April 19, 2000 at 11:28:07 a.m.:

Hello my name is Jeff Van De Stroet, Iím 39 years old, I live in a Canton, South Dakota which is a little Community in the southeast party of the state, just 25 miles to the south of Sioux Falls.
Iíve fish and have done some type of hunting pretty much my entire life. I grew up about 13 miles south of Canton in a little town by the name of Fairview population 97. Fairview sat down in a valley along a river; the town was surround by trees. My first gun was a single shot Stevens 20ga. Which I believe I shot more wild life with that single shot then any other gun Iíve owned. Wild life was abundant (turkey, duck, geese, squirrel, deer, and rabbit.) Life was good as a kid growing up in that type of environment. Never was a real serious duck or goose hunter not that maybe I didnít shot one or two. Than in 1976 my life was shatter found out my dad had except a job in Jasper, MN, I didnít want to live in a big city, I believe Jasperís population at the time was around 600. While I moved and met some great, great friends and hunting partners. Thatís when the duck hunting started. Did a lot of duck hunting up in northern MN. Hunted hard and heavy for the two years I lived in MN. After I graduated from high school I moved back to Canton, which is where I live know. Met up with my wonderful wife Jackie who is now one of my best hunting partners. My wife and myself have been blessed with three wonderful children, Kayla, Kozmo, and Kassuis all been of the Brittany Breed. My wife thinks we should add number 4, one of the water type breeds. I keep telling her we donít have room on the bed for another dog, she says sleep on the floor then. Been hunting big game and upland birds a lot for the last 15 or so years, but just within the last three years got involved again in duck and goose hunting thanks to my brother-in-law which you all know him as TimJ. (Who know his birds and can call them too.) One confession my wife and myself have been lurkers for about 3 months now on this great web page. Itís kind of fun when we get together with my wife family and we (my wife, TimJ and myself) start talking about Goosebruce or TGUN, Declan, Eric P. and all the other great people on this forum, they all look at us like what the H--- are you people talking about. We just look at each other and hehehehe.
Job: Have worked full time for the South Dakota Army National Guard since Sep 1984.
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Electric work, Wood Working, Enjoy welding, Rebuild motors working on any form of transportation that has a motor.
Vehicles Currently owned 1984 Ford F150 4X4 and a 1985 Ford F250 4X4.
Boats owned: None YETÖÖ..