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Posted by David E. Clark on April 22, 2000 at 5:54:52 p.m.:

I'm an avid duck hunter and also a member of DU,TU, NWTF. I grew up in NJ where I rebuilt a Hazelton Seaman style Barnegat Bay Sneakbox. I moved to Cape Cod 12 years ago and the duck hunting is just great on this sandbar. But that 12 ft. sneakbox was just not big enough for off shore sea ducks and of course 12 foot tides running against a hard north west wind. I ventured into building a bigger sneakbox. Now I've built 7 of them for hunters I know. I've just recieved coast guard approval for this 13'2" by 64" Barnegat style boat that I call the "Estuary". Also, I manufacturer hollow cedar decoys by hand and with a multie-spindle machine. It's great to take a sport like duck hunting and make it a full-time job!

David E. Clark

Duck boats & decoys
507 Main St.
So. Dennis, ma 02660
email: dducky@mediaone.net

Many thanks to Eric for such a great website!