Mike Trudel (Ye Old Duck Toller)

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Posted by Mike Trudel (Ye Old Duck Toller) on May 10, 2000 at 11:50:20 p.m.:

I'm Christian, married, have 3 young beautiful daughters, and 44yrs old.

I've been waterfowl hunting for 26 years. Working as
a manufacturers rep in the hunting industry for 14
years, gave me an opportunity to hunt waterfowl in
many locations. Presently, most of my hunting is in
Central Wisconsin, Green Bay, and occasionally Canada.

Dogs: Two labs now deceased and presently a Chessie.
Guns: Auto 5 Browning 12ga. Mag (just put to rest)
Berreta Silverhawk 10ga. S/S,st (just acquired)
Boats: 16'decked and combed johnboat
12'decked and combed rowboat
10'decked and combed pondbox
2 wood/canvas canoes (under restoration)
Decoys:50 diver (assorted cork, E. Allen, and NB)
30 coot (cork)
30 puddle ducks (cork and Restles)
16 floater geese (burlap w/ wood heads)
48 Field geese (big foots)

I'm primarily a diver hunter. Ice line hunting is my
ultimate hunting. Goose hunting in fields is also excellent in my area.