Jed Horan

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Posted by Jed Horan on June 19, 2000 at 8:41:24 p.m.:

Hi my name is Jed Horan I am 18 years old and have lived in Reno Nevda all my life. I own a 1448 modified V hull Fisher with a 16hp beavetail motor, along with that it has a avery quick set blind on it which comes in handy durring the cold days when we have to break ice. I have currently put a product on the bottom of the boat called slick bottom which is a paint on epoxy that acts like plomer I will tell you how it works latter on when I get to try it this season. My dad and I hunt the Green Head Club located fifteen minutes out of fallon on highway 95, we also hunt Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Tulon located out of lovelock, Indian lakes out of fallon, and jessup which is sometimes dry. My dad and two of his friends are currently bulilding a duck hunting cabin in the little town of stillwater nevada just fiffent minutes away from the refuge which will make it very nice after those long days in the marsh not having to comute back to reno. I have to wait until I get my own house before I get a dog because my dad thinks its to muck work with me going to school and all so I will wait. Hope this gives you a background on my nevada hunting and any one with a beavertail, godevil, or mudbuddy that want's to talk about these cool boats email me.