James Bushey

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Posted by James Bushey on June 23, 2000 at 3:46:57 p.m.:

Hi all

I am a recent convert to duck hunting. I had gotten out of the hunting for a few years and then ended up getting into training Golden Retrievers for hunting and hunt tests and doing a bit of Dove hunting. Then a fellow talked me into actually going duck hunting seeing as that is what I was training the dogs to do. I dont own a boat (yet ?) and not many decoys but what I have is a Browning Gold Hunter 12 ga, and a Browning Pump Shotgun 20 ga. that I won at the local DU banquet this past Nov. I also have a 6 year old male Golden named Jack that hunts and a 5 year old female Golden name Kyrie that goes hunting as well. Last weekend 6-16-00 I drove down to Baton Rouge, LA and picked up an 8 week old GR and have named her Abbey. Anyone that would like to get together to straighten decoy lines or to do a little dog training, please feel free to email me.

Jim Bushey