Steve Parsons

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Posted by Steve Parsons on July 07, 2000 at 3:11:51 p.m.:

My name is Steve Parsons and I'm 34 years of age, married with a 15 month old girl. I hunt the Tennessee River here in North Alabama with Lake Gunterville getting most of my attention during the months of November - January. In the off-season I build, design, modify, read, etc...anything related to duck hunting. My favorite styles of duck hunting are sculling and layout in open-water for divers - though a trip to the flooded timber in pursuit of greenheads and woodies runs a close second. Have helped to build a sneakbox type of boat last season out of a 14' ski boat that underwent "heavy" modifications/tuning and was equipped with a 15 Merc. Beings that this boat came from a marine junkyard and was given to us, it gave my partner and I much satisfaction to make something from nothing. Currently I am working on Devlin's Sculldugery II that should be completed sometime in October of 2000.
I am seriously considering compiling a historical account of "Sculling - The Lost Art" that will be supported by a web page that will have in-depth information on this fascinating style of hunting. The site will include sections like photos, current mfg.'s with specs. of each boat, forum, etc...
Please feel free to email me anytime.