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Posted by Dwane Ong ( Nitromag ) on July 12, 2000 at 8:06:28 a.m.:

Just realized after 2 years that I didn't have a bio in here. Just hit 29 years old. I've only been duck hunting for about 7 years. Five years ago I was introduced to layout hunting and that started what I believe to be a passion unrivaled by any kind of outdoor experience yet. I'm just starting in the decoy painting and soon hope to try my hand at carving. Currently taking up residence in the spread are, 8 dozen cedars (carved by a gentleman in the U.P.), 7 dozen personally burlapped Herter's with new paint soon, 3 dozen E. Allens soon to be painted, w/ about 2 more dozen E. Allens to come. At present the fleet consists of 2060 War Eagle w/ 90hp Johnson and Avery blind for decoy transport and in the rare event that I'm not layout hunting I'll use the blind, a 14' V w/ 25hp for a pick-up boat, a 2-man Ron Bankes Revolution layout boat, a small Carsen's marsh boat, deposit is in on a Lock,Stock & Barrel Sculler ( hopefully to be delivered by early goose season!), and soon, maybe not this season, but I need another 1-man Hercules (Bankes) layout. Made the mistake of selling it when I got the 2-man, didn't think I needed 2 layout boats. Live and learn. I'm finding that you can never have too many boats. I'm still single, which allows me to get pretty out of hand when it comes to buying boats,decoys,guns,etc. Better judgement? What's that? I helped my parents buy a resort with a few cabins on a lake in Northern MI which acts as Layout Central in the fall. Makes it pretty convenient and I'm very lucky to have it. I usually take long weekends and hunt Fri,Sat,Sun all the way through the season with usually about 1 or 2 full weeks thrown in. Last year I logged about 45 days in the layout boat. I only have one friend that enjoys it as much as my dad and I, and he's there about every day with us. I can't say enough about the people that I've been talking to here at this site for a long time. I've met a few and done business with as many. This site allows me to duck hunt in my head about everyday. Well that's about all that's relevant, hopefully I can ship some pictures of the Layout Fleet one of these days, would like to see it in the Reader's rig section. And if anyone runs across a Hercules for sale, let me know. And Lou, if you ever get your computer back up and goin' and you read this... Get chopping on my boat, if it's not been delivered already! Just kiddin' Well, back to work!
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