Ron Smith

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Posted by Ron Smith on July 14, 2000 at 8:14:07 p.m.:

I've been duckhunting for 19 years in south Florida, mostly in Broward county in the Everglades. I make a few trips a year to hunt Lake Okeechobee. Duck boats I have owned include a Gheenoe, airboats and johnboats. The 2000 duck season I'll be down to a 14' johnboat. My favorite duck boat is an airboat. If the hunting is bad the ride home is still a blast! My favorite duck hunting partners by far have been my sons, now ages 18, 16, and 4. My wife goes to watch once in a while and loves the scenery in the Glades.
I started to carve my own decoys 3 years ago and I must admit, I'm Addicted!!!
I would be interested in hearing from other carvers in South Florida ... If they exist.