[Roll Call ]

Posted by Adam on July 27, 2000 at 9:10:56 p.m.:

While I currently reside in the Motor City, I am originally from (and trying to get back to) Southern Illinois. Started duck hunting about 13 years ago when my best friend took me to Carlyle Lake for "something to do." Was instantly captured by the magic of all those little intricacies that make hunting waterfowl so special.

Every year since then my involvement in the sport has increased astronomically (along w/ the $$ spent on new equipment). Like many of ya'll, it is now a year-long infatuation, not just something to do when fall rolls around. Makes me feel pretty good every time I log on here and see the multitudes of daily posts. Helps me realize I'm not alone out here in my love for this passion of mine.

Have owned several boats over the years, all with make-shift blinds that were very primitive and not at all crafty. My desire to build the ultimate boat/blind is what led me to this site, and I'm damn glad I found ya'll.

I look forward to sharing my joys and pains through these endeavors and hope I can get to know more of ya'll throughout this process.

Here's to a great season and safe travels....