Norris Conner

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Posted by Norris Conner on August 01, 2000 at 12:40:14 p.m.:

Retired Army Officer who started duck hunting at age 12 (off-and-on for 45 years). I have hunted all over the world but really like the areas of my youth: Tule Lake-CA, Klamath Basin-OR, Humbolt Bay-CA, and Rice Ranches of Northern Calif. Gave up big game hunting after my last trip to Vietnam. Love to shoot my shotguns at anything that flys. My real passion has alway been duck and goose hunting. Presently recovering from serious motorcycle accident (one year). Had three trips to Vietnam and almost lost it all on my Harley. My goal for this year is to get off these crutches and be able to handle my field and water rigs.