Tim Smith

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Tim Smith on August 02, 2000 at 8:02:29 p.m.:

Hi, My name is Tim Smith, I got hooked bad on water fowl hunting in 74. I guess it is the amount of gear and the cunning a person has to use to lure them into range. I use to hunt for numbers, but now I could watch ducks working the dekes for hours and never fire a shot and still have a good day. I carve decoys, build boats and started doing taxidermy. I finally built my dream boat, a 16ft sneak of my own design with a 70HP jet motor, I'm pretty excited to hunt it this season. The taxidermy must come natural, my first woodduck is on the TV in the living room. As far as duck hunting, I hunt every way except layout (which is illegal in this state), and every weekend while it is open. Every year I spend a week in South Dakota with good friends hunting birds. I own a shorthair named Kane who points my upland and retrieves my ducks and geese for me. I'm married to very understanding lady and have a son 13 years old.