Jeff P

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Jeff P on August 09, 2000 at 1:47:47 p.m.:

I've been wildfowling now for over 15 years. I started with an introduction when I was in the USMC by my best friend Andy who resides outside Galveston TX. My addiction has grown to what can only be called an obsession with traditional ways of pursuing waterfowl. I carve my own decoys, build wooden boats, have a Chessie of old bloodlines and refuse to accept any of the "modern contrivances" of catalog hunters.

Each year I make the migration to his neck of the woods and hunt along the Galveston Bay and I spend nearly 4 weeks each year hunting in Upstate NY. (Please never, ever confuse NY City as having anything in common with the rest of the state.)

I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who I have trained since he was a pup. He never fails to amaze me with his desire to hunt and his ability to withstand the waters of Lake Ontario in the winter.