Andy Dostal

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Posted by Andy Dostal on August 19, 2000 at 8:58:43 a.m.:

been hooked on duck hunting for 10 years. I am 25 yrs. old, and had to take a discouraging 4 yr break from the sport when I was in the Marine Corps. But I have been out for 3 yrs this season, and it will be my 2nd year with my Choc. Lab Remington. I am moving up in the world of duck hunting, and looking to purchase a 17' boat w/ blind. If ANYBODY wants to go hunting anywhere in MN or WI Email me, I am not an outlaw (you know the type) and a very concientious waterfowler. Although I have a lot of yrs. of learning yet to do, since I moved I have no one to teach me!!! But if I don't snag a partner, I will learn it on my own I guess! Great site!!!!!!