[Roll Call ]

Posted by Darren on August 23, 2000 at 10:52:58 p.m.:

I live on the mid south shore, and I hunt all over the Island for divers, sea ducks, puddlers, geese, and brant. I built a duck boat about five years ago, fixed up an old grass boat, and have two other small boats in addition to a canoe that I've used. I'm getting into carving dekes now, and have made some cork birds, as well as some homemade foamers. I try to hunt away from the crowds, which is not easy to do on Long Island, as the "Yahoo" crowds seem to grow in number every year. I love taking a few birds(and cooking them- my girlfriend even eats sea ducks with me), but even when the gunning is slow, it's the experience that is the most important. I haven't had a bad day duck hunting yet.