Ken Martin

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Posted by Ken Martin on August 31, 2000 at 1:14:43 p.m.:


I've been WATRERFOWL hunting now for about 5 years and was hooked after the first time out. I hunt practically every thing in Michigan,
deer, duck, goose, turkey, bear, pheasants, rabbit, woodcock, and also Morel mushrooms.

I am 33 with a terrific wife and two boys 5 and 15 months. I take the oldest hunting with me whenever I can.

I'll admit that I'm not a champion caller or sharpshooter or know the perfect spread but every time I go out I have FUN.
I enjoy duck and goose hunting the most probably because of the social aspect but do like on occasion to be able to have a deer or turkey
within feet of me without them spooking. I think the greatest sight in hunting is seeing lockrd wings coming in. If the outlawed hunting
tomorrow I would still set out blocks to see that.

I've met and had a chance to spend some time with Dwayne Ong and Jim Wirtz and look forward to getting with them in the middle of November.
I got hooked E. Allen decoys because I have always liked to paint and this gives me a chance to some my ugly work.

I have always tried to, when it comes to the outdoors, put back into more than Mother Nature has graciously allows me to take.
Whether it be planting, nest boxes, or Heritage Days.

I am also physically handicapped so I appreciate and respect things that are sometimes overlooked by many. I am very lucky to have a GREAT
group of friends that help me when I need. I couldn't get out without them. I can still get around pretty good but at the end of the day if
I sit down for a while it takes me a litte bit to get going.

So if anyone is in the Richmond, MI area and wants to hunt mornings during the week, give a shout.

Ken Martin