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Posted by Mike Bicking/LabHunter on September 01, 2000 at 6:54:32 a.m.:

I'm married and have one son (18 mths old). I'm 40 years old. Yes I know I started late and I'll never be able to retire now.

I am a director of Public Safety at a University. Hunted all my life. I want there to be hunting for my son when he turn of age. Right now I hunt with my father Age 61 for upland, ducks, deer and turkey. My father and I belong to a pheasant club where birds are released on several hundred acres. I own a yellow lab that hunts upland and ducks. My father has a terrific enlish pointer. She great for upland and grouse. Unfortunately there aren't that many pheasants left in southeast PA. I own many firearms and they WILL NOT be taken away from me. Sorry if that attitude offends some.

I probably won't post much but will read the posts to gain as much knowledge of hunting as I can. Knowledge has become important now that I have someone to pass it one to.