Shelby Harris

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Shelby Harris on September 01, 2000 at 9:13:46 a.m.:

I just flat love duck hunting! Everything about it. Got it from my dad who I lost this spring. I have been checked for web feet. Killed my first duck at age 10 with a .410 ga. Grew up in the Bootheel of MO. I know hunting kept me out of a lot of trouble. Have shotgun-will travel. I have hunted in MO, IL, SD, IA, TN, AR, KY. Hope to add ND this fall. I'm a shotguner, so I hunt ALL types of birds. Ducks are a easy #1. Fish a little. I am somewhat new to layout boats, and now have a maxi poke boat. Also, have a 16' jon rig. I'm an old Browning A-5 man, trying to switch to a SBE. No dog currently, but I have trained 3 labs in the past.

I'm a 44 yr old bean counter. Divorced with a beautiful 15 yr old daughter. Currently, I am trying to be named "customer of the year" at Dunn's, Cabela's and Herter's. I'm like an alcoholic in a liquor warehouse with this stuff. It's good that I don't have a wife, there'd be trouble.

Thanks for this great site. Just another part of our great sport. Finally, take a minute and think about this...a low swing of mallards with a HARD cup on...pick out the greenheads boys. Be blessed.