Tom Scholberg (Wicker T)

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Posted by Tom Scholberg (Wicker T) on September 07, 2000 at 9:28:58 p.m.:

Hi gang, my name is Tom Scholberg and I live in a northern suburb of Mpls.. I grew up or at least started that process on the SD border near a small town of Ortonville on the family farm. I had a chance to hunt just about anything that was legal. My grandfather supported my shooting habit by paying me a bounty on blackbirds, if I shot well I could break even and keep on. At an early age my Dads brother gave me a Stevens 20 ga. single which I still have and shoot once in a while. When I got out on my own I bought a Stevens 20 ga pump that I still have and shoot once in a while. Growing up in good pheasant country and good pheasant years spoiled me for sure! When I came back from a hitch in Uncle Sam's navy the pheasants had dissappeared. That was the begining of a love affair with waterfowl that has lasted some 30+ years. Not a day goes by that I don't think about hunting especially ducks.
I have built two marsh boats which I will post in Readers Rigs. I just commpleted an Armstrong Broadbill last Sun. (if a boat is ever done) and am planning my next one(Devlin). This page is great, I check it daily. My co-poster (Wonder Jack) is a 10 yr old yellow lab who has taught me as much about dog training as any human. Preferences: 870's,Chevrolet trucks, Evinrude outboards,mallards. Shiny side up, Wicker T & Wonder Jack