Dave Sikorski

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Posted by Dave Sikorski on September 08, 2000 at 2:59:43 p.m.:

I've already posted here before but I guess it's time to update.

Wel I'm an 18 yr old college student at West Virginia University. I've been hunting for about 7 years nw and ducks for 6. I've built a KARA, carved decoys, and have a 2.5 yr old yellow lab female. I normally hunt all over MD but mostly on the shore. Hopefully while here in WV I'll be able to hook up with Dave Camp or Mike Pettio, But who knows. I am carless and gunless as we speak but I've met a bunch of hunters in these first few weeks here, maybe I can start a club or something????

anyway I'm sitting wishing I had a scull boat a Scaup and a truck of somesort. But oh well shit happens.

I will make it home for plenty of huting.

anyway, wish me luck here and if you ever wanna go hunting drop me a line.

-Dave Sikorski( Duckless at WVU)