Bob B

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Bob B on September 10, 2000 at 8:55:22 p.m.:

Finaly getting around to filling this thing out. I have been following this site since fall of 99. I hunt both inland and costal connecticut and rhode island.
I must admit though to being very jelous of Tom out in the wilds of IDAHO where the ducks are many. As for boats I have been building my own since moving to the same town as the mystic seaport twelve years ago. John Gardner and Bret Laurent(both worked at seaport small boat shop) were very helpful to me when getting started.
Currently I am using my 16' semidory skiff and the KARA for hunting. The dory is a modified John Gardner clamming skiff, using longitudinal stringers as shown by Ren Tolemen in his alaskan skiff book. I like the Kara but need to get a lighter boat for some hidden woody spots. Considering a painted canvass kayak for next summers building spree.
I have a new son John who is 16 months old and already loves his dads duck and goose calls, much to the dismay of his mom.
Once again I would like to thank Eric for putting this thing together, it is usualy my first stop on the net.
Bob B