Chad Walker

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Posted by Chad Walker on September 13, 2000 at 11:24:01 a.m.:

26 years old; Married with 2 daughters and third due in February.
Been hunting ducks for about 10-12 years. I can hardly remember not hunting. Used to hunt whitetails a lot, but with conflicting seasons, the ducks won out. I come from a primarily deer hunting family, so I'm kind of the black sheep.
I am absolutely addicted to duck hunting, and love all aspects of it. The boats, the calls, the dekes. My wife is very understanding about the garage being full, the shed being full, the cellar...
I do about 50/50 for puddlers and divers. Love to layout hunt. I've got a Maxi Poke boat, and also bought a small sneakbox(kind of). It was actually a Father/Son hydrofoil. To me, it was a sneak box trapped inside a hydrofoil's body. It was screaming to be converted to a sneak box, so I agreed to help it.
I've been lurking here for too long, so I figured I'd sign on.