shane stover

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Posted by shane stover on October 30, 2000 at 1:17:39 a.m.:

24 year old 2nd year waterfowler.
I own a golden retriever who I have trained my self.He is a year and a half old.
Kozmo,my golden,has about fifteen ,actual hunting retrieves under his belt.He's a great dog.He and I are learning the great sport of waterfowling as we go along.
I'm still scouting out areas to hunt in my state,found a bunch of good spots for woodies and geese.But still trying to find a mallard honey hole.
Places I have scouted.
Mclintic wma-good for woodies and geese and mallards occasionally,if ponds dont freeze.
Greenbottom wma-haven't hunted yet saw a slew of woodies there in the summer and a flock of mallards just yesterday.
Plum orchard lake-a few woodies and geeses-no mallards.
bluestone wma-Scouted twice,saw 2 mallards and a flock of geese and a flock of teal,wish someone could tell me places to hunt on the area,i think it has potentiol.Well thats about it...Oh one more bit of info.
Things waterfowling has caused me to do.....
Sell my jennings buy a haybale blind.
Change my vacations from deer season to duck season..I've got it bad.
And last but not least,treasure every moment i spend in the marsh.