Rodney Brallier

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Posted by Rodney Brallier on October 31, 2000 at 8:59:40 p.m.:

Started hunting resident geese with 3 floating decoys
propped up in a corn field. We finished the morning with 5 geese. What fun!
Then, a man brought a trained Lab and I knew I had to own a dog to complete
the hunting experience. Purchased a Lab in the Spring of 1998. I stopped
deer hunting and devoted my time to dog training the year of 1998.
1999 we ready and were on the water hunting ducks. Very few birds in our
area meant not freezer didn't have to get defrosted to make room.
We still had fun and learned a lot. This year I have upgraded from
a 14' Jon boat to a 14' TDB. Hope to see more birds this year.
We hunt the Potomac River and Rappahannock River.