David Smith

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Posted by David Smith on December 18, 2000 at 4:07:08 p.m.:

Am 44 years old, fat and happy. Have only been duck hunting for a couple years, but seem to have made up for lost time. Am currently hunting out of a 17 foot TDB and slay ducks with a Beretta 391. Am out every chance I get, before and after work whenever possible.
Deke, a trusty chocolate lab that is at my side 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, just turned a year old Dec 17, 2000. He has only been to one hunt test, Del-Bay, and passed.
Now that I have told you about my dog, I can tell you about the rest of the family. Will have been married for 25 years in march 2001, and have 2 boys Ben,16 and Greg, 14. The 14 year old hunts with me regularly.
Started carving my own birds at the end of season last year, have hunted over my own rig this year with great success.
Wrench on bikes during the summer and ride a 48 chief. When the need for speed overtakes me I climb on a 98 inch panhead chopper or turn the key in an asphalt rippin 56 Chevy Apache pickup.
Live large and FTW