Gar Clark (lpgar)

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Gar Clark (lpgar) on March 23, 1999 at 14:12:05:

Hey there....Gar Clark here talkin to ya from the big waterfowl complex on Lake Erie in Ontario Canada called Long Point. Long Point is truely heaven for a waterfowl lover to live. It is full of waterfowling history and stories. The region was a big Market Hunting area during the mid 1800's shipping ducks, geese and swans to the markets of Buffalo and New York City. There are families of Baymen going back for many generations....many of which I am proud to call friends. I am a Bay Duck- Diver specialist..... Canvasback shooting from my Ron Bankes Hercules Layout is my idea of the greatest experiance possible. I tend the Layout with either a 16ft Deep Vee aluminum or a Bankes Chesapeake.