Chris Cowie

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Chris Cowie on January 04, 2001 at 4:26:30 p.m.:

I was born and raised in northern Ohio, on Lake Erie would be more correct. In 98'I married Terra Colangelo, she has been the best thing that has ever happend to me. She goes fishing and even duck hunting with me. You can't ask for any thing better than that.
I then enlisted in the U.S.Coast Guard, was stationed in Boston, MA for a year, on a ship. The only thing i liked about Boston was the striper fishing and mostly the seaduck hunting. Thats the only way I'd go back.
We now live in Coloma, MI. I was reassigned to Station ST. Joseph MI. I've been there for over a year as an MK3, We had the old 44'MLB built in 68' the only one on the Great Lakes to ever rollover, that happend in 94' but it kept going. Now we have the new 47' motor life boat (thats my MLB for you Mighty Layout Boys). This thing can take 30' seas 20' surf and can roll over come back up and keep going. Let me know what layout boat can do that!!
Well, enough of what i have to do (except my wife) now about what i like to do. I started duck hunting in 93' on Lake Erie. 96' Finally got my own boat a 16' Sylvan did alot of modifing to it. I got it because the price was right and i love to hunt big water. I've had in Lake Erie, Boston Harbor, MA, Plymoth Harbor, MA, Chess Bay, VA, And know Lake Michigan, but it takes a good day to hunt Lake Michigan.
For anyone that has got in trouble on the water always remember this.
"There is no excuse for self inflicked wounds"
Allways pay attention to detail. Water shows no mercy.