DuckieMan2000 aka Rob Bettin

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Posted by DuckieMan2000 aka Rob Bettin on January 22, 2001 at 8:58:27 p.m.:

I'm 35, married w/ children (4 & 12, the reason I have no hair)! I love duck hunting & have been doing so since I was 7 (as a 3rd dog sent after cripples). Then I became a no nothing can't hit the broad side of a barn teen (per my uncle). Now, I'm a great shot (ya right) good shot (try again) okay shot. My passion is "DIVERS" (hunting passion, incase the wife reads this). I have pursued them from layouts,floating blinds,boat blind, Islands & point blinds. Goldeneyes (whistlers) are my favorites, but anything that dives will do (almost anything that dives, clarification). I came here via the MLB along with the rest of the BIG WATER CREW. I hope to spread some of my heartfelt passion for ducks as well as some of my insanity. After all "ALL DUCK HUNTERS ARE CRAZY"!!!