steve freeman

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Posted by steve freeman on January 28, 2001 at 1:23:27 a.m.:

19 years old, got addicted to ducks and geese about three or four years ago, no chance of recovery. i'm about 99% self taught, still have a good bit to learn but i'm on an accelerated learning curve. i'm currently a student at purdue. some of my duck hunting related hobbies include calling, carving, reloading, and boat/blind rigging. i usually spend the other 305 days of the year hunting crows, and chasing steelhead and salmon up and down the shore of lake michigan from ludington, MI to my home waters, the St. Joe river in Indiana. Usually you can find me pulling plugs or washing spawn out of my jon boat in the spring and fall(before duck season of course) on the St. Joe. I do a lot of fly tying; i use some drift fishing, but i sell or trade the vast majority. that's all for now.