Shawn Kestner

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Posted by Shawn Kestner on February 05, 2001 at 5:04:47 p.m.:

I am 25 and have been duck hunting with my dad, grandfather,and others sence I could hold up dad "870". You might say it runs in my blood or is that mud. I guess I have been lucky I have one of those grandpas that will drive 2 1/2 hours out of his way to pick we up to go hunten or fishen. I known now why he always came and got we to go and shot ground squarls so I could load the fire wood he was cuten when I was off shooting his old 10/22. Between my dad and my grandpa I haven't had to learn to much about hunten on my own. Untill last year I only hunted out of a boat the first two week ends of season. The whole time I was growing up dad and grandpa payed for a club so My brother and I could hunt and shot easily and comfortably from sunken tankes. I have began to do a little exploring on my own and have found a lot of great spots to shot.My problem is that now I need a boat to hunt from. I now think I have found the guy to draw from that do the hunten that I have been trying to figure out on my own.

oh yaw the basics :
25, single , yellow lab (Amber),Drive a 78 chevy P/U(what else is there), Shot an "870" Wingmaster, blow a roaswood "Iverson" (best call ever),If I had a boat yet I would tell You all about it (that will change this summer)