Dan Boring

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Posted by Dan Boring on February 14, 2001 at 2:15:20 p.m.:

I started my waterfowling over 40 years ago hunting geese at Ennis Lake in Montana and ducks along the Yellowstone River around my home town of Livingston. I have many good memories of those days. THe summers around there were beautiful but the 10 months of winter just got old. I moved here in Yuma Arizona in 1977 after getting out of the service. Once I got over the 100 degree plus summer temperature shock, I found that this area abounds in waterfowl in the winter and the temperatures at that time of the year were more to my liking. I hunt geese just north of Yuma at Cibola Refuge and ducks all over California, Arizona, and New Mexico. I run a 17' Bass Tracker that I put Camo Clad on as well as a Avery style blind. I also have a 13-1/2' marsh boat with a small outboard as well as a 14 ' two-man layout boat and a 10' one-man layout boat. I have just got into carving cork decoys and am looking forward to using them this upcoming season.