John Burns

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Posted by John Burns on March 01, 2001 at 6:25:12 a.m.:

I'm 56 years old and started this addiction over 40yrs ago in the ponds and marshs of Lake Ontario & the St Lawrence River in Northern NY. My first duck boat was a 10'alum jon-boat which I tried to swamp several times. My first decoys were 12 3gal frying oil cans painted flat black. Have had old red legged blacks land in them several times. With time and a much better job I aquired a 10'layout boat and 2dz George Soule Super Mag Corks. I still use these today after more than 30 yrs. I presently own a 14' alumacraft jon w/Avery blind a 13'Old Town Canoe, a Four Rivers one man layout, a Woods Pond Sled, a MoMarsh Fat Boy. I've carved decoys out pine and cork and worn blisters carving heads with a Case Sodbuter jack-knife. I've hunted and lived in Florida along the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon. I now live in the mountains of southern NM and hunt the Rio Grande. I have two labs, a Choc named Deke, who hates cold water and a black named Stoney who is my favorite hunting partner. I'm married to the same wonderful and "understanding" women for 35yrs, Molly. I have two grown children a daughter with 3 grandchildren and a son who hunts with me occasionally. I travel to the panhandle of TX each year to goosehunt. Enjoy this site very much.