Mark Taylor

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Posted by Mark Taylor on March 01, 2001 at 9:14:38 a.m.:

I am a 47 year old father of two and husband of, well, one. I work for Idaho Fish and Game as the landowner/sportsman coordinator working to, among other things, acquire public hunting and fishing access to private lands. My wife of 20 years is a nurse practitioner.

The two boys (13 & 11) both enjoy the out of doors, skiing, hiking and boating, and Boy Scouts, but only the younger is into hunting. The eldest is more of a sports guy.

Growing up in Kansas City (the Missouri side) made it difficult to pursue my hunting interest, but somehow I managed. Now, of course, I have all sorts of options, but tend to concentrate on waterfowl, with the occasional upland bird hunt thrown in. For big game, I would rather hunt the sagebrush and ecotype that is absent in the northern Idaho area.

Boats and building boats seem to be an ever increasing passsion that my wife tolerates, but doesn't understand. I have several duck hunting boats, a 15' Smokercraft, and a 22' Seasport for pursuit of saltwater salmonids.

That should 'bout cover it.