Rick Pierce

[Roll Call ]

Posted by Rick Pierce on April 05, 2001 at 7:30:33 p.m.:

Hello, all.

Am located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Stumbled across the site by accident on an internet search about the Barnegat Bay Sneak Box. Am glad to know that carving gunning birds and using duck boats is so alive and well. Am trying to finish my first dozen mallards for use this coming fall (cedar with basswood heads)

Grew up shooting Mississippi River near Moline, Illinois (hometown) and Illinois River. Nobody down here wants to shoot divers!!! They are the only things regarded lower than spoonbills (aka, the Smiling Mallard) and snow geese (aka, the Sky Carp). My father carved decorative/competition birds for years and collected the antiques. Spent a lot of time running around hotel rooms looking at antique decoys.

Now I live and work around Little Rock. Married, no kids and one crazy yellow Lab who will be 9 this fall. Am thoroughly addicted to duck hunting and talking about duck hunting and anything to do with duck hunting. Just ask my wife. No, on second thought, don't do that...