Jeff King ( Hooked on Quack)

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Posted by Jeff King ( Hooked on Quack) on April 13, 2001 at 12:10:32 p.m.:

Hi, my name is Jeff King . I've been an avid duck hunter for about 13 years .
I was introduced to the sport by my best friend since 7th grade who i lost about 2 years to a massive heart attack at 33 years old.
I have 1, 14 foot alum. boat rigged out with 15 hp mtr, steering wheel ,gun racks, lights , etc. Also 1 kayak we call "the dog" .
You down a duck , get the dog , go get duck ! Mostly hunt on the upper pearl river , backwaters and sloughs . Try to stay away from
the folks who treat it as a dove shoot ! Not a lot of variety where we hunt , but we do have a lot of fun . Also , my friends and i have
become somewhat famous in this area..... we are known as "those idiots camping up river" between Christmas and New Years ! The only really
cold time around here . There's an open invitation to visit the island , just bring your own food and stay away from my sleeping bag !
Hope to maybe meet some of you one day , Happy Hunting !
Just remember , some of the best hunting trips are when you come home without a single bird , but your friends are all still there !