Joel Druley

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Posted by Joel Druley on May 19, 2001 at 8:03:53 a.m.:

I have been lurking on the site almost daily since late in November. I am 55 years old and an avid hunter.
I shoot a Benelli SBE and an old Browning A-5. I enjoy upland game and big game hunting. I am getting back into waterfowling after ignoring this area for most of the last decade. I am going to acquire a duckboat prior to September. I have looked at a lot of good ideas on duckboats on this website. I have a bunch of goose and duck decoys and have picked up a couple of dozen corkers on ebay over the last few months. I live in the James River Valley in Eastern SD. We have a lot of puddle ducks here. We also have some excellent late season waterfowling in the Pierre Area.