Mark A. Wilson

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Posted by Mark A. Wilson on June 7, 2001 at 3:41 p.m.:

Hello All, While I list my City as Cheyenne Wy., not the waterfowl capital of the world, I was born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska and started hunting there. I have hunted marshes, fields, and big water. Having came from a farming family the access I enjoyed, and still enjoy, are awesome although I have to drive a few hours to get there these days. I hunt the local haunts around Cheyenne and have thought of expanding into Colorado for some more varied waterfowl hunting. I also hunt big game and live in what I feel is the best state for that endevour so the trade off for waterfowl hunting is softened by this fact. Several things brought me to this site the obivious being waterfowl hunting and that I have found myself in a point in my life and career that I have both time and finances to build a boat and find and train a dog. I have a canoe and a 5hp motor that mounts on the back and works well for fishing and some hunting but I find myself wanting a smaller boat and then I'm sure a larger one. So I have my work cut out for me. I appreciate all the help and the future help that I'm sure I will get. PS I'm sure the Decoy carving bug will get me soon. Thanks Mark