Kyle Gerard

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Posted by Kyle Gerard on June 20, 2001 at 8:19 p.m.:

Started going hunting with my dad when I was little Ducks and Roosters. And then started hunting with a couple of buddies who had flooded riverbottom timber. Some years it would have made arkansas look bad. Then during the dry years 88-92 hunted roosters and quail in southern Iowa with a whole pack of brittanies. Then I had to get a real job And got transferred around the state for a few years. Settled down and got married over here in extreme eastern Iowa with all kinds of ducks and geese but few uplands to hunt. I always used to wade in with 2 dozen decoys now have about 12 dozen and a 16 foot blind boat . I shoot an A-5 Have since I was 20 but also have run a buttload of shells thru a 870.