John Buttrick (Johnny B)

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Posted by John Buttrick (Johnny B) on July 9, 2001 at 7:44 p.m.:

I have been duck hunting and upland hunting for 26 years. I was raised near the Barnstable marsh on Cape Cod. This was where I developed an appreciation of nature in general and waterfowl specifically. It was here my father taught me the rules, the sport and the love of hunting. As an adult, I have owned a TBD 14. I have also enjoyed successful hunting expeditions in Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Ireland.
In addition I have trained my Welsh Springer Spaniel for upland work as well as duck hunting. He loves the hunt and it is rewarding to watch his natural instincts and training at work.
Currently I am having a Scaup built by Dave Clark and am looking forward to the 2001 season.