waterspaniel aka jeff gearhart

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Posted by waterspaniel aka jeff gearhart on July 18, 2001 at 3:56 p.m.:

As you can guess by my handle, i own and hunt with a 6 y/o neutered male american water spaniel named "Coot" i'm 43, single, spent most of my career as an environmental chemist and bird (p-bird & grouse), and deer (gun only) hunt and enjoy deep water perch fishin on lake mendota. I love the BPS being a south-paw and generally walk-in hunt on WPA's or friends ponds on private land. Best duck hunting i've ever done is on the Mississippi river north of LaCrosse. As a fat man, with a fat hunting buddy, my main boat concerns are weight capacity and distribution!!! I'm an independent thinker and hold opinions often counter to the typical sportsman (e.g. my dislike of the NRA)but i enjoy a spirited discourse while respecting everybodies right to their own beliefs. I'll probably chime-in mostly on dog related topics(my dad was a vet)and of course NRA stuff. Seems to be a great group of people visit here and I enjoy the comments!