Mark W

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Posted by Mark W on May 24, 1999 at 17:02:45:

Mark W, age 39. Have hunted since I was old enough to carry and shoot a gun safely. I hunt only birds and have found duck hunting to be the best. Got serious about waterfowling about 12 years ago after completing graduate school when the time and money became available to do so.

I currently own two duck boats, an Alumnicarft 12' with a Merc 9.9 and build in blind, and my new purchase, a Hoefgen Duck boat. I plan on using the Hoefgen quite a bit as I have tired of the crowds and associated idiots that come with it. I am currently scouting small water and rivers to float.

I hunt anywhere in eastern Mn and into W. Wisconsin. I prefer Wisconsin as it seems there are fewer hunters and better spots to hunt. I have hunted North and South Dakota quite frequently and last year went to Sasq. Canada for a week - what a trip!!! My family has owned a place on the Mississippi south of the Twin Cities since I was a little shaver so quite a bit of our hunting happens on the backwaters of the ole' Mississippi.

Favorite day duck hunting story had to be when a buddy and I witnessed two people doing "the wild thing" in a duck blind. Let's just say the binocular's were quite steamed.

Mark W